Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Expand Your Widget

In this episode we give 'shout-outs' to our listeners, have a go at some 'role-reversal' and discuss the kind of 'porn' a mac user would like.

get complimented on your sandwich here or if you are the kind of dirty mac user who uses pinch technology to hide your hot corners then go to iTunes and download the shiny filth.

thanks to steve shure and tom behringer for providing the excellent microphone technology employed in our 'What Hi-Fi?'approved introduction.
thanks also to all the people working slavishly behind the scenes to ensure that we bring you only the best in stumbling inarticulacy.
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Friday, 22 May 2009

Smarties Quiz - A Game For Tubes

Phil and Ben do a quiz to make them happy . Smarties are the prize money. Then they talk openly about their preconceptions of what the other one would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

If anyone is out there and reads this we will be at the foot of the Rotunda from Midday to Dusk each day, over. You are not alone over. We have supplies and rations, over.

we speak into your ears via the interthingy here

hosted at the internet archive, but I don't think they've listened to it

Sample in quiz section 8156__kollege__systemstart from thanks!
Also thanks to Wagner.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ben is Late

Ben is always late to the studio so Phil tries to find a way to use this time by doing secret podcasting - but will he be discovered?

as you know, we park 'compliment sandwich' here, courtesy of the very kind people at the internet archive, who work tirelessly to archive the whole of the internet

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Go To Woolworths: A Millennial Insult

Compliment Sandwich podcast 05 is now edited and ready to hit the information waves.

This episode was recorded live at Stanley Picker Gallery in February 2009. What began as a fun pub quiz soon devolved into a tortuous experience for all involved. Many of the rounds had to be left out, champagne was stolen from fridges and wet sponges were thrown at one and all.

Quiz team names included:
- Untitled (predominantly made up of Arts Professionals)
- The Bap Tizered (predominantly made up of art students)
- The Lovers (a couple)
- Team Tollywood (glamorous ladies)
- The Wank Stains (keeping it real)

Quiz team names not used:
- Quizteam Aguillera
- Quizzy Rascal
- Quizmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine
- I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your ......... Quiz!

Prizes included:
- Sparkling wine
- Bacardi Breezers
- Snowballs
- Chocolate coins
- A mug

Many Thanks to the judging panel and to all the participants. It was a killer evening. General Knowledge is still recovering from the event. It was so awesome he had to miss drill practice the next day.

Compliment Sandwich 05 is here:

But get it from iTunes because it is shiny

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Who Commentates on the Commentators?

Beer and Wine? Fine. Wine and Beer? Splendid.

In this episode we discuss quietly amongst ourselves such topics as real ale (the pitfalls of), coffee (the pitfalls of), beards (the pitfalls of), your voice (the intricacies of) and the previous podcast (how reflexive!).

Guest jingles provided by a slowed down midi version of Snap's 'Rhythm is a Dancer'.

Compliment Sandwhich 04 is here:

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Pick Your Favorite Note and Sing it

Top of the Pods

In this episode we explore the music of young through the format of a questionnaire.

Q 14. Why did the mullet stop being a popular haircut and why?

It is still a popular haircut in my eyes.

Q 16. What is your favorite beat?


Compliment Sandwhich 03 is here:

But get it from informationTunes or somewhere because we are all about checking the stats

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dead Men Wear Plaid

As the final survivor in a post-apocalyptic society populated by flesh-eating zombies:

Ben would:

- live in Dudley Zoo
- befriend animals giving them names such as Reasonable Gareth, Grandad and Chelmsley Wood
- build an enormous unfinished scalextric track/ fantasy wargame
- shave off his beard as there would be no-one left to mock his weak jaw line and round face

Phil would:
- relocate centre of operations to pub
- devote a number of buildings to his collections of interesting handicrafts
- drive a number of vehicles, hand-painted with made-up emblems
- record endless podcasts, referring to the many notes stored upon his mobile phone

Message ends.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Best of Times The Wurst of Times

"I learned somewhere that the best way to give criticism is to compliment, then give constructive criticism, then compliment again. I think they called it a “compliment sandwich,” which is stupid because you’re supposed to name a sandwich after whatever’s on the inside. "

from the internet's '', p.74

Compliment Sandwich 02 is now available for download. RSMFS. It's great that you're interested in the podcast. Why weren't you interested sooner? Nevertheless it's really good to have someone like you on board.

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