Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Best of Times The Wurst of Times

"I learned somewhere that the best way to give criticism is to compliment, then give constructive criticism, then compliment again. I think they called it a “compliment sandwich,” which is stupid because you’re supposed to name a sandwich after whatever’s on the inside. "

from the internet's '', p.74

Compliment Sandwich 02 is now available for download. RSMFS. It's great that you're interested in the podcast. Why weren't you interested sooner? Nevertheless it's really good to have someone like you on board.

Get your robot to fetch it for you from here:


Rosa said...

does this count as a podcast?

juneau projects said...

I don't see why not - as I understand it the term simply refers to a PlayOnDemandbrodcast. I hope that helps.