Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Go To Woolworths: A Millennial Insult

Compliment Sandwich podcast 05 is now edited and ready to hit the information waves.

This episode was recorded live at Stanley Picker Gallery in February 2009. What began as a fun pub quiz soon devolved into a tortuous experience for all involved. Many of the rounds had to be left out, champagne was stolen from fridges and wet sponges were thrown at one and all.

Quiz team names included:
- Untitled (predominantly made up of Arts Professionals)
- The Bap Tizered (predominantly made up of art students)
- The Lovers (a couple)
- Team Tollywood (glamorous ladies)
- The Wank Stains (keeping it real)

Quiz team names not used:
- Quizteam Aguillera
- Quizzy Rascal
- Quizmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine
- I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your ......... Quiz!

Prizes included:
- Sparkling wine
- Bacardi Breezers
- Snowballs
- Chocolate coins
- A mug

Many Thanks to the judging panel and to all the participants. It was a killer evening. General Knowledge is still recovering from the event. It was so awesome he had to miss drill practice the next day.

Compliment Sandwich 05 is here:


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