Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ben is Late

Ben is always late to the studio so Phil tries to find a way to use this time by doing secret podcasting - but will he be discovered?

as you know, we park 'compliment sandwich' here, courtesy of the very kind people at the internet archive, who work tirelessly to archive the whole of the internet

but we are not outside fashion or the age we live in, so we demand that you download it from itunes


ItMustBeKate said...

Haha, I love how Ben didn't even question at the time why you were looking up wind cones.

How do you make the strange vocals?
They make everything sound funnier.
I guess you know that. XD

You're right! Socks ALWAYS sounds Scottish!
Hahaha, "Well that's structurally a joke."

You can quote me on this: complimentsandwich is what would happen if the Chris Moyle's show actually became funny.

juneau projects said...

Hello there - thanks for giving us a listen, and for your comment!

Strange vocals were made with the synth-speech function on Fruity Loops, on the choirboy setting...

We like to think of ourselves as the chris moyles show if chris moyles had never existed.

ItMustBeKate said...

Haha, we can all wish for that to be true...but sadly Chris Moyles was born and has not been muted by angry music listeners who NEVER get to hear music in the mornings.

I've offered him a pizza slice.
He said no, so we decided it couldn't be him.