Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Decent Proposal: The Musical

We're back! We've been away working on our other enterprises - musical pies, computer beetles, cars, touchscreens in waiting rooms, cape hill asda pavilion etc etc - but now, strong on sherry and german biscuits, we've reset our funny bones to bring you:

This special 'Headphones' edition, recorded at Eastside Projects' Comedy Night, in which you can listen to the results of our hilarious scheme 'Decent Proposal' in lo-definition stereo.

Thanks to Gavin Wade, Karen Guthrie, Bedwyr Williams, Adam Sutherland, Maria Benjamin, the good people of Birmingham, the bad people of Solihull.

The podcast ends with Adam Sutherland's one man battle against the sixties.

Enjoy! New Year, New Yeah!

get it here computer slaves... http://ia341316.us.archive.org/3/items/ComplimentSandwich09DecentProposal/ComplimentSandwich09DecentProposal.mp3

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